Thomas Padilla Named Director of Information Systems and Technology Strategy at the Center for Research Libraries (CRL)

Monday, March 8, 2021
Andrea Duntz -

Chicago, IL, March 8, 2021 – The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) is delighted to announce that Thomas Padilla, currently Interim Head of Knowledge Production at the University of Nevada Las Vegas (UNLV) has been named the new Director of Information Systems and Technology Strategy at the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). At CRL, Padilla will lead CRL’s overall technology strategy and guide the work of CRL's Metadata and Discovery Enhancement and Information Systems departments. He will work with the CRL community to build, steward, and disseminate research collections in line with CRL’s organizational values of diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

"I am overjoyed to join the Center for Research Libraries. I believe that CRL and its partners are in an unparalleled position to make a positive impact at the intersection of technology, collections, and research. I look forward to working with colleagues at CRL and around the world to responsibly develop and apply technologies and practices that foster a more equitable environment," said Padilla.

Prior to his current role, Padilla served as Practitioner Researcher in Residence at OCLC, where Padilla authored the seminal report “Responsible Operations: Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI in Libraries,” bringing an ethical lens to AI in GLAM institutions. Additionally, Padilla serves as Principal Investigator of the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation-supported Collections as Data project, and previously served as Principal Investigator of the IMLS supported Always Already Computational: Collections as Data.

“I am thrilled with this appointment,” said Greg Eow, President of the Center for Research Libraries (CRL). “I have followed Thomas’ work over the last several years with unbridled enthusiasm and consider his work to bring a DEI-informed approach to AI and machine learning in cultural heritage organizations to be some of the most exciting and important work in the field. I have been inspired by his collaborative approach to work and look forward to seeing what he brings to CRL and the world of research libraries and scholarship in this important leadership position.” 

Padilla begins his role on April 12, 2021. 

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