SAOA and SAMP Provide Open Access to Madras Legislative Assembly Debates

Wednesday, June 17, 2020
Neel Agrawal -

The South Asia Materials Project (SAMP) and South Asia Open Archives (SAOA) have collaborated to digitize and present 97 issues of the Madras Legislative Assembly Debates (from 1938 to 1958), spanning the late pre-independence era through the early years of the post-independence period. These materials were sourced and digitized by the Roja Muthiah Research Library (RMRL) in Chennai, India, and are freely available through SAOA's hosting platform on JSTOR.

The Madras Legislative Assembly Debates, published by the Government of Madras, are critical for fostering a greater understanding of this region during a period of immense social, political, and economic change. The Government of India Act (1935) created a bicameral legislature in the Madras Presidency, and the Madras Legislative Assembly became the Lower House of the Presidency (consisting of 215 members). The Madras Legislative Assembly Debates, a primary source, enable scholars across disciplines to analyze discussions in the assembly sessions, particularly regarding bills, budgets, as well as question and answer sessions during such a significant period in India's history.

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