LARRP supports digitization of Puerto Rican newspaper El Mundo

El Mundo

Friday, January 30, 2015
Judy Alspach -

LARRP (Latin Americanist Research Resources Project) has provided funding to support the digitization of the 1936 issues of the Puerto Rican newspaper El Mundo.

The 1936 issues of El Mundo have been digitized from the microfilm holdings at the University of Puerto Rico, and added to the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library that is available through the Digital Library of the Caribbean (dLOC).  The digitization of other holdings of El Mundo were funded by other partners.  LARRP funding helped complete the digitization of the final available year of holdings.

El Mundo is an important Puerto Rican newspaper published 1919-1990.  The University of Puerto Rico holds this title and digitization of the years 1939-1939 was identified as a priority for the Caribbean Newspaper Digital Library, as these years represent a time of tension and transformation in Puerto Rican society.  Of great importance were the political tensions that culminated in the political activities by the Nationalist Party of Puerto Rico and the birth of the Popular Democratic Party.  In addition, this period continued to experience impacts of the Great Depression and labor unrest among workers as the society transformed from an agricultural to an industrial society.

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