LAMP Acquires Peruvian Weekly Variedades

Aug. 15, 1914 issue of Variedades

Monday, July 15, 2013
Judy Alspach -

LAMP (formerly the Latin American Microform Project) has acquired microfilm of the years 1908–31 of the popular Peruvian weekly publication Variedades

Variedades, published in Lima, was the foremost chronicle of the cultural, political, and social development of Peru for the first third of the twentieth century. Founded by Manuel Moral y Vega (1865–1913) and edited by literary critic Clemente Palma, the magazine is notable for its satirical character, literary and social content, and political commentary. Its glossy format and quality graphics also makes the magazine a significant record of the social and cultural activities of an emergent middle class.

Variedades was microfilmed from the holdings of the University of California, Los Angeles, which painstakingly preserved as complete a run as possible. The original print collection was amassed by Professor William Bollinger, who doggedly pursued the collection over a period of fifteen years, mainly by purchasing individual issues found in small Lima bookstores.

LAMP has also preserved the predecessor title, Prisma, for the years 1905–08.

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