ccAdvisor Database Review Available to all CRL Voting Members

Friday, February 9, 2018
Mary Wilke -

As of January 2018, CRL voting member libraries have access to the new online review ccAdvisor, a collaboration between Choice and the Charleston Company. ccAdvisor launched in fall 2017 with nearly 300 reviews of online databases, incorporating and updating selected product reviews originally published in The Charleston Advisor along with ongoing new content. As with TCA, reviews are commissioned from subject experts and are peer-reviewed. But ccAdvisor will seek to update review content when product upgrades and revisions become available. The new publication also offers enhanced functionality, allowing users to search, filter, create lists, set alerts and build side-by-side comparison tables of related works. 

Recent reviews posted in ccAdvisor include HistoryMakers Digital Archive (offer pending through CRL), Brill's Dutch Pamphlets Online, Europeana, and SNL Financial from S&P Global Market Intelligence,

As databases become ever more costly and complex, ccAdvisor, together with CRL's eDesiderata platform, will combine to provide trustworthy, actionable market intelligence to inform library investment decisions. Librarians, faculty and students at CRL member institutions can access ccAdvisor via their institution's IP ranges at For assistance to setup your account, please contact Rita Balasca at