CRL Signs OA2020 Expression of Interest

Monday, April 5, 2021
Andrea Duntz -

The Center for Research Libraries (CRL) has aligned with leading organizations committed to realizing an open scholarly information environment by signing OA2020’s Expression of Interest. With this declaration, CRL stands with its member signatories and libraries across the globe to call on all parties involved in scholarly publishing to “collaborate on a swift and efficient transition for the benefit of scholarship and society at large.”

As an international consortium of research libraries collaboratively building, stewarding, and disseminating research collections to advance the production of knowledge for the benefit of all, CRL is keen to leverage its unique position and institutional values to the OA2020 community of practice. CRL’s membership consists of over 200 institutions in Canada and the United States with affiliates across the globe serving over 3 million undergraduates, 800,000 graduate students and 400,000 faculty. CRL acts as a convening force and critical forum to collect and share information, ideas, and best practices among its partner institutions.

CRL supports innovative models to create and sustain an open knowledge ecosystem in cooperation with its members, partner organizations, and communities of interest. In addition to enabling community action to extend access to important primary research resources—for example through the South Asia Open Archives (SAOA) and Technical Report Archive & Image Library (TRAIL)–CRL also engages with commercial and academic publishers, such as the New York Times and the Washington Post, through the CRL licensing program and with the academic journals ecosystem through affiliated programs such as NERL. Through its support of the OA2020 Expression of Interest, CRL seeks to bring the energy, talent, and DEI values of our community to bear on promoting sustainable OA business models for scholarly electronic journals.