CAMP Preserves NewsDay (Harare, Zimbabwe)

"NewsDay" issue October 6, 2014

Monday, November 2, 2020
Judy Alspach -

The Cooperative Africana Materials Project (CAMP) has preserved issues of the Zimbabwean newspaper NewsDay. The issues span June 2010 through November 2017 and cover the tumultuous final years in power of Zimbabwe's President Robert Mugabe. NewsDay is a daily English-language newspaper, published in Harare, Zimbabwe and covers politics, entertainment, sports, and other current events of the time.

The Library of Congress Field Office in Nairobi had collected the paper issues of this newspaper but had insufficient funds to preserve the title, so it proposed that CAMP pay for the microfilming of the holdings that the Library of Congress had collected. The resulting 68 reels of microfilm are now preserved and available for lending to CRL and CAMP member institutions.

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