Newspaper Preservation

Summer 2011 | Volume 30, Number 4 | Download PDF

Newspaper Preservation

In This Issue

Comments on the Summer 2011 issue of FOCUS on Global Resources from CRL President Bernard Reilly.

CRL Preservation Analysis of Electronic News

A new CRL report, produced for the Library of Congress examines the “lifecycle” of news content and how it affects electronic preservation strategies.  

New Global Newspaper Preservation Directory

CRL recently was awarded IMLS funding for a two-year project to create a single database of information about the holdings of newspaper collections, and to expose metadata on historic newspapers and their digital versions.

World Newspaper Archive Update

This widely popular newspaper digitization collaboration now provides access to more than 250,000 issues online, with modules from Latin America, Africa, and South Asia, and plans for Eastern Europe and a second Latin American module.

CRL Newspaper Licensing

CRL and some of its Global Network groups are participating in free trials and licensing access to select titles.

WWII Cossack Newspapers and Periodicals at CRL

This rare collection of materials published during the 1940s provides valuable source material for the study of Cossack involvement in World War II.

New CRL Newspaper Acquisitions

CRL has recently added several newspaper titles to its collection, now available for scholar access.

CRL Obtains Haaretz

Although Israel has over 20 privately owned dailies, Haaretz is the nation’s most widely read morning paper and is considered the most influential and respected for its news coverage and commentary.

Reviews of Historic Online Newspapers in CRL’s Global Resources Forum

Reviews of online databases of historic newspapers are a key element of a new feature on CRL’s website, the Global Resources Forum.

Times of India jobbing composing room, November 1898. © British Library Board (Photo 643/[15])