Government Technical Reports

Fall 2010 | Volume 30, Number 1 | Download PDF

Government Technical Reports

In This Issue: Technology’s Memory

A detailed profile of the Technical Report Archive and Image Library (TRAIL) initiative, the newest addition to CRL’s Global Resources Network program.

Capturing America’s Scientific History through Technical Report Literature

Maliaca Oxnam, chair of the TRAIL digitization and preservation initiative, highlights the CRL and Greater Western Library Alliance (GWLA) partnership that conceived and launched the program and the significant benefits and opportunities for TRAIL participants.

The Impact of Historical Federal Technical Reports

Government document specialists Esther Crawford and Sinai Wood describe the impact of the TRAIL preservation and digitization programs on library decision-making and science and technology research.

Technical Documents in CRL Collections

Examples of government technical documents from CRL’s own collections, including the U.S. Office of Scientific Research and Development and the German and Axis Technology Reports from World War II.

"Equipment for testing safety devices of electric miner’s lamp in explosive mixture of gas and air." From U.S. Department of
Commerce Bureau of Mines Bulletin 131: Approved Electrical Lamps for Miners by H. H. Clark and L. C. Isley (Washington, D.C.:
U.S. Government Printing Office, 1917). From TRAIL collections.