American Periodicals from CRL: Titles in Agriculture

Advertisement from The Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer (August 19, 1922). From American Periodicals from the Center for Research Libraries.

CRL and ProQuest have worked together to digitize, provide access to, and physically archive a select group of U.S. serials that are representative of the substantial and eclectic collection of historical American journals held by CRL. From August 2008 to 2011, 375 titles, consisting of a bit more than 3,000,000 pages, were digitized. Content is artfully presented in full color, with full text. The University of Pennsylvania contributed several additional titles not held by CRL, and some holdings that filled gaps in the CRL collection.

CRL and ProQuest coordinated the selection of titles for digitization; titles chosen were of many disciplines, but shared characteristic high use by CRL members, and had not been previously digitized. The titles are primarily general interest magazines and trade journals of the period 1850–1920, with decorative arts, technology, literature, and medicine strongly represented.

CRL undertook the American Periodicals digitization project to provide electronic access to materials that have seen increasing use in recent years, while protecting the originals from harm or loss. All of the journals digitized are available, on a volume-by-volume basis in digital format, through interlibrary loan requests for CRL libraries.

Serials within the Library of Congress classification of Agriculture were included in this project. These titles represent only a small portion of materials within the class that are held by CRL; titles were selected for inclusion based upon the criteria cited above. The following list cites titles and dates of publication included in the project:

Agriculture General

  • Country Gentleman (Albany, NY). 1853–1865
  • Cultivator & Country Gentleman. 1866–1897
  • Field, Turf, Farm. [1865]
  • Hearth and Home (New York, NY). [1869]–1871
  • Illinois Farmer (Chicago, IL). [1927]–1930
  • Louisiana Planter and Sugar Manufacturer. 1890–1924
  • National Stockman and Farmer. [1885]–[1921]
  • Orange Judd Farmer. [1915]–[1924]
  • Orange Judd Illinois Farmer. [1924]–[1927]
  • Planter and Sugar Manufacturer. 1925–[1929]
  • Turf, Field and Farm. [1865]–1892
Detail from Flower Garden (January 1, 1873). From American Periodicals at the Center for Research Libraries.

Animal Culture

  • American Stock Journal, and Farmers and Stock Breeders Advertiser. 1867–1872
  • Dunton’s Spirit of the Turf. [1887]


  • Lumberman (Chicago, IL). 1886
  • Lumberman’s Gazette. [1873–1885]
  • Timberman (Chicago, IL). [1886–1896]


  • American Garden: A Monthly Illustrated Journal Devoted to Garden Art. 1886–1891
  • American Gardening. 1892–[1904]
  • Flower Garden (Brooklyn, NY). [1873]

Landscape Gardening

  • American Homes and Gardens. [1905]–[1915]
  • Indoors and Out; the Homebuilders Magazine. [1905]–1907
  • Modern Cemetery (1891). [1891]–[1893]
  • Park and Cemetery (1895). [1895]–[1900]
  • Park and Cemetery (1932). [1932]
  • Park and Cemetery and Landscape Gardening. [1900]–1931

Related Topics

  • Chicago Vegetarian. [1897–1899]
  • Vegetarian and Fruitarian. [1926–1933]
  • Vegetarian and Our Fellow Creatures. [1901–1903]
  • Vegetarian Magazine (1899). [1899–1900]
  • Vegetarian Magazine (1903). [1903], [1907–1913], [1919–1925]
  • Vegetarian Magazine and Fruitarian. [1925–1926]