In This Issue

The current issue of FOCUS on Global Resources surveys CRL’s rich and diverse China-related collections and shows how those collections support research and teaching on modern China. The collections were amassed by CRL over the last six decades, guided by bibliographers, preservationists, and expert selectors at many CRL libraries.

CRL holdings described include the colorful, illustrated (and fully digitized) Hunter Collection of “street literature” issued during the early years of the People’s Republic; radio and film transcripts; more than a century of missionary society archives beginning in the 1830s; British intelligence reports on China in Tibet; and more.

Two articles in this issue—“Researching Treaty-Port Shanghai” and “Shared Purchase Supports Faculty Grant Project”—describe how CRL works with member library collection specialists, faculty, and scholars to make rare or uncommon primary source materials available for undergraduate and postgraduate research.
In “Digitized Newspapers Relating to China” the staff of CRL’s International Coalition on Newspapers (ICON) project provides information on digitized China-related newspapers available via open access or as commercial products.