Foreign Newspapers Currently Filmed by CRL

CRL currently engages in original microfilming of selected current foreign newspapers, in order to preserve important primary resources and make them accessible for future scholarship. These materials are also available for sale and distribution to other academic institutions. For more details, please see the microform sales page.

Latin America

  • El Comercio—Quito, Ecuador (daily) [1940–1-947; 1956–present]
  • Diario—La Paz, Bolivia (daily) [1956–present]
  • El Diario de Hoy—San Salvador, El Salvador (daily) [1956–present]
  • Estado de Sao Paulo—Sao Paulo, Brazil (daily) [1923–1924; 1956–present]
  • La Nacion—Buenos Aires, Argentina (daily) [1923–1939; 1951–present]

Middle East

  • Cumhuriyet—Istanbul, Turkey (daily) [1956–present]


  • Daily Graphic—Accra, Ghana (daily except Sunday) [1956–present]
  • Daily Nation—Nairobi, Kenya (daily except Sunday) [1962–present]
  • Ethiopian Herald—Addis Ababa, Ethiopia (daily except Monday) [1956–present]


  • Aftenposten—Oslo, Norway (daily except Sunday) [1938–present]
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine—Frankfurt am Main, Germany (daily except Sundays and holidays) [1953–1955; 1972–present]
  • De Volkskrant—Amsterdam, Netherlands (daily except Sunday) [1970–present]