2018 Honorable Mention

Three additional nominated projects are recognized for their outstanding qualities:

2018 Honorable Mention for Access

"The Cold War at UT Austin"

Ian Goodale, Russian, East European, and Eurasian Studies and Digital Scholarship Librarian, University of Texas at Austin

2018 Honorable Mention for Research

"The Age of the Kampuchea Picture: A Video Installation"

Adrian Alarilla, Graduate Student, University of Washington

Nominated by: Judith Henchy, Head, Southeast Asia Section, University of Washington

2018 Honorable Mention in Teaching

"Covering Emmett Till: Regional Newspaper Coverage of the Death and Aftermath of a Mississippi Lynching"

Davis W. Houck, Fannie Lou Hamer Professor of Rhetorical Studies, Florida State University

Nominated by: Velma Smith, University Librarian, Florida State University