Off-Campus Access through Proxy

Some online resources in the CRL Catalog are restricted to member access only via IP. To enable access to these materials from off-campus locations, we recommend that member institutions take the following steps:

  • Add CRL hosts, including,, and to your institution’s Proxy server configuration
  • On your library Web site, add your proxy prefix to all CRL links, including, and

CRL Systems staff receive a number of support calls about off-campus access. Since each CRL member institution controls their own proxy server, we often have to direct off-campus access questions from end-users to their home institution library.  However, we strongly encourage the technical staff in charge of your proxy server to contact us to ensure your proxy server configuration is set for CRL resources. Please refer questions related Proxy server configuration to CRL Systems staff

Sample configuration for EZProxy Server


In addition to Proxy access, CRL has recently implemented Shibboleth. Users affiliated with CRL member institutions can also login with their institutional Shibboleth server to access CRL member-only resources from off-campus locations.