Missionary Documents and Records

Council for World Mission. Archives, 1775-1940.

These records of the London Missionary Society and the Commonwealth Missionary Society (which later merged to become the Congregational Council for World Mission) are some of the oldest archives on missionary work with files of correspondence dating back to the 18th century. The originals are at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London. The records are arranged by geographic area as described in the manuscript inventories.

Church Missionary Society Archive.

GUIDE: Church Missionary Society Archive: A list and guide. B-43202 Section 1, pt. 1-3; B-46535 Section 1, pt. 4-9; B-46957 Section 1, pt. 10-14; B-46399 Section 2, pt. 1-5; B-46426 Section 3, pt. 1-5 (copy 1 and 2); B-46577 Section 5, pt. 1. See also publisher’s introduction and section guides. In addition to the missionary records from Africa, CRL has acquired record sets of the Church Missionary Society archives for other regions of the world. Records currently held include:

Section I. East Asia missions