“La politica porfirista según Pineda,” from Hijo del Ahuizote [Mexico, Agosto 3 de 1902], [Año XVII, Tomo XVII, Num. 822, pp. 1418–1419] CRL collections http://catalog.crl.edu/record=b2843643~S1

CRL Resources Integral to Cornell’s Latin American Journals Project

CRL collaborated with Cornell University Library to support creation of the Latin American Journals Project, hosted by the library. This digital portal leads to a wide range of Latin American popular serial literature published in the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and Latin America during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.The journals now accessible through the portal feature political and social satire, literary works, commentary on current events, and news from the region.

The project was established by Tom McEnaney, now Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and Spanish & Portuguese at the University of California, Berkeley, to give scholars across the globe better access to journals difficult to find in print form. Drawing upon serials from CRL and other collections in his own grant-funded research, McEnaney mines modern-era Latin American literature to explore connections between poets across the Americas, the rise of nationalist movements, and how translation disseminates literary movements across the world.

Cornell Library’s Desiree Alexander notes that “In many ways this project would be incomplete without the invaluable support of CRL.Though Cornell holds many Latin American journals in various formats, we enlisted CRL to digitize a number of titles beyond those in our collections.To date, over a third of the 20 publications currently represented were provided by CRL, and with their help we hope this resource will continue to grow.”

Dec 2017