Nazi Party Archives

NSDAP Hauptarchiv, 1919-1945

Selected items from documents assembled in 1946 at the Berlin Document Center. Reels 1-96, 1A-37A and reel B reproduce the Collection NSDAP Hauptarchiv, containing the most valuable documents on the background, history, and organization of the Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei; reels 97-99 and 38A reproduce a small selection of documents from the Julius Streicher and Heinrich Himmler collections, not originally part of the NSDAP Hauptarchiv, but supplemental to it.

Akten der Partei-Kanzlei der NSDAP

Reconstruction of the archives of the Central Office of the Nationalsozialitische Deutsche Arbeiter-Partei. Contains correspondence, transcripts of meetings, etc from Chancellery of the National Socialist Party, its ministries, offices and departments, and its leaders Rudolf Hess and Martin Bormann. This archive of 300,000 pages was compiled from dozens of archives across German by the Institut für Zeitgeschichte.