International Studies and Research Libraries

Winter 2013 | Volume 32, Number 2 | Download PDF

International Studies and Research Libraries

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Comments from CRL President Bernard Reilly

Global Dimensions of Scholarship and Research Libraries: A Forum on the Future

James T. Simon, CRL Director of International Resources, reports on a recent conference at Duke University that explored the connections between global scholarship and the collective ability of research libraries to support it.

International and Area Studies Collections in 21st Century Libraries: Conference Report

At a recent conference at Yale University, academic library leaders responsible for international and area studies collections and staff gathered to discuss common challenges and identify strategic areas for joint action, as Yale’s Ellen H. Hammond, Director, International Collections & Research Support, describes. 

Detail from Edward Hertslet’s 1895 map, “Anglo-French Frontier on Niger & to East of that River.” Courtesy of the Library of Congress.