Dissertation Collection

Summer 2008 | Volume 27, Number 4 | Download PDF

Dissertation Collection

In This Issue

A foreword on CRL’s remarkable doctoral dissertation collection.

CRL Completes Cataloging of the Foreign Doctoral Dissertation Collection

The importance and uniqueness of the dissertation collection.

Overview of CRL's Dissertation Collection

Synopsis of CRL's dissertation collection with links to more than 900 doctoral dissertations in digital format.

Some Notable Scholars and Dissertations

Access to two special dissertation collections—the Nobel Laureate Collection and Notable Scholars Collection—with links to more than 100 dissertations in digital format.

Changing Patterns of Access

Notes on CRL's Demand Purchase Program, an important contributor in the development of the dissertation collection, and on changing patterns of access.

On page 1: Ink rubbing from the Wei Wenlang stele, from Manifestation of the Dao: A study of Daoist Art from the Northern Dynasty to the Tang (5th–9th centuries), Yang Liu, University of London, 1997. CRL dissertation collection.