2014 CRL Primary Source Awards

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2014 CRL Primary Source Awards

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Comments from CRL President Bernard Reilly

CRL Primary Source Awards for 2014

A brief overview of the program.

2014 Award for Access

“Civil War Day by Day” Project

Biff Hollingsworth, Collecting and Public Programming Archivist,
University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill
Nominated by: Doug Diesenhaus, Administrative Projects Librarian,
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

2014 Award for Research

Sonnet contributions to the centennial commemoration of the Los Angeles aqueduct system

Christian Reed, Center for Primary Research & Training Scholar,
University of California, Los Angeles
Nominated by: Jasmine Jones, Project Manager, Los Angeles Aqueduct Digital Platform,
University of California, Los Angeles

2014 Award for Teaching

“Lessons” section of the America in Class website by the National Humanities Center

Richard Schramm, Vice President for Education Programs,
National Humanities Center

Nominated by: Brooke Andrade, Reference and Interlibrary Loan Librarian,
National Humanities Center

The 2014 CRL Primary Source Awards
flyer featured this manuscript cookbook
from the Chef Louis Szathmary Collection
of Culinary Arts, from the University
of Iowa’s DIY History initiative, the 2013
awardee for Access. Photograph by Tom
Jorgensen, courtesy of the University of
Iowa Libraries.