French Resources

Spring 2009 | Volume 28, Number 3 | Download PDF

French Resources

In This Issue

Overview of the CIFNAL collaborative partnership of French-language resources and associations

CIFNAL’s Début Launching the Collaborative Initiative for French Language Collections

A detailed introduction to the CIFNAL collaborative partnership, its mission, activities, and programs

The Bibliotheque Bleue Online: CIFNAL's First Collaborative Project

A summary of the Bibliotheque Bleue project and its online collections

Selected French History and Culture Resources

A sampling of resources available through the CIFNAL and CRL partnership

Collection Spotlight: Fairy Tales at the University of Colorado, Boulder

The French-language fairy tale collection at the University of Colorado, Boulder

CIFNAL Partner Collaboration: Three case studies

Three case studies that exemplify the range of interests that contributed to the development of the CIFNAL partnership and its ongoing activities

CIFNAL Member Spotlight

A profile of information sciences education in Morocco

The Last Ring of Robespierre's tail. From the "Pamphlets and Periodicals of the French Revolution of 1848" e-collection.