Building South Asia Collections

Fall 2015 | Volume 35, Number 1 | Download PDF

Building South Asia Collections

In This Issue

CRL President Bernard Reilly notes the current importance of cooperation in acquiring documentation on India and other South Asian countries.

Cooperative Collection Building for South Asian Resources: Diversifying the Collective Collection

James Simon and Mary Rader report on the outcomes of a series of workshops aimed at reducing duplication and facilitating access to diverse collections on South Asia among academic institutions in the U.S.

Preserving Capital: an Important News Source for Indian Economic History

Issues of Capital for 1921-31, recently preserved by SAMP, provide insights into British investment in India’s emerging infrastructure development, as reported by Aruna Magier and Judy Alspach. Capital is India’s oldest financial newspaper, covering trade, industry, and the Indian economy.

Official Statistics from South Asia: A Guide to Resources at CRL

James Simon summarizes CRL’s extensive holdings of historical and more recent government statistical publications from India and other South Asian countries.

Interior of Wilson & Cos office in Madras, India. Canmore Digital Collection, RCAHMS, DP 097495