Assessing News Databases

Fall 2014 | Volume 34, Number 1 | Download PDF

Assessing News Databases

In This Issue

CRL president Bernard Reilly highlights the content of this issue of FOCUS on Global Resources.

The ICON Database: New Information for Decision-making on Newspaper Digitization and Preservation

Bernie Reilly discusses CRL’s ICON database, now the largest source of information on print and microform holdings at major newspaper repositories, and on the scope and completeness of content in “trusted” digital databases like CRL’s World Newspaper Archive and the Library of Congress’s Chronicling America.

Toward Greater “Transparency” in News Databases: Assessing Policy and Practice of Digitized Newspaper Repositories

Maria Smith outlines how CRL will assess the sustainability and integrity of major newspaper databases and digital libraries. This assessment will enable libraries to make more informed decisions about print holdings, and invest with greater confidence in news databases.

Broadcast News Transcripts in Academic News Databases

James Simon and Diane Ryan’s analysis of academic news databases illuminates the extent to which news broadcast transcripts are covered in major databases like Factiva and LexisNexis Academic.

Image from the South China Morning Post
(September 30, 1948) available in Pro-
Quest Historical Newspapers..