What is CRL's Official Gazette Database (FOG)?

The FOG database contains records for approximately 650 gazette titles. These records cite information including the name of country at time of publication; any and all name changes for that country; the exact title at time of publication; detailed statements of holdings; and notes citing a variety of information such as: title changes, specific publication properties or content, and physical condition.  

While the Center retains significant holdings of official gazettes, major collections will continue to exist beyond CRL, both in North America and internationally. The building of a consortium of interest in, and holdings of, official gazettes broadens access for all. Therefore, the records in the FOG database contain issue specific holding statements for the Center’s gazettes, and, also, summarize the holdings of the following institutions:

  • Harvard University, Law School Library
  • Los Angeles County Law Library
  • The Library of Congress, Law Library
  • The New York Public Library
  • University of Michigan, Law Library

The database therefore serves as a “union list” of holdings within the major collections residing in North America. In addition, specifically unique holdings of other bodies such as the National Archives of England, Wales and the United Kingdom and vendors such as the Association pour la Conservation et la Reproduction Photographique de la Presse are occasionally mentioned.

In formulating the entries contained in this database all discernable time periods and titles for each country were considered. This resulted in records for titles for which CRL has no holdings, but, for which holdings exist in other major collections. These records are included in the database. Inclusion of information on titles or holdings outside of CRL, is part of the attempt to address the corpus of publication for official gazettes through 1995.

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