Foreign Bank Publications

This collection, Foreign Bank Publications, comprises serial publications of banks, both public and private, located outside of the United States, arranged by country. Historical materials were gathered from deposits of CRL members and have been continued by direct subscriptions (1956 to the present).

Materials held within the Collection include serial publications issued by Central (banks of issue) and other private banks located outside of the United States. The dates held within the collection range from the very late 19th century to present.

These serials consist of a variety publications including:

  • Administrative Reports of varying frequency
  • Reports to Stockholders
  • Staff Publications
  • Topical Publications including Balance of Payments, Economics (Indicators, Indices, Surveys, etc.), Finance, Imports/Exports, Investment, Research Reports, Statistics, Stocks and Bonds

Size of Collection:

  • 10,000 bibliographic volumes
  • 2,200 linear feet
  • 1,300+ titles

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