College Catalogs

College catalogs (U.S.) -- original format

These publications included in the original format U.S. college catalog collection were issued by degree granting, post secondary institutions including colleges, universities, junior colleges, professional schools, and preparatory schools (prepatory schools being inclusive for the 19th century and selective for the 20th century). The catalogs held consist of course catalogs, within undergraduate, graduate and professional divisions; with charters, by-laws, and administrative reports of the president, chancellor, treasurer, and comptroller also included in the collection. The publication dates of materials held range from 1820 to 1974. The collection is comprised of 160,000 volumes, representing more than 9,000 titles and occupies 9,585 linear feet.

The collection is extremely comprehensive and includes institutions which are no longer in existence. The collection was originally started with deposits from CRL members including the University of Illinois, the University of Minnesota, the University of Wisconsin, the University of Chicago, Ohio State University, and Harvard University. Additional materials were received through more recent deposits from the New York Public Library and the University of California . Materials were also gathered by direct solicitation (1950-1974).

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College catalogs (foreign) -- original format


The Center holds approximately 32,000 college catalogs representing 2,000 titles occupying 3,000 linear feet from institutions outside of the U.S. and its territories. This collection in hard copy still is added to through deposits from member libraries. The majority of the institutions represented are in Western Europe, Commonwealth countries, and Canada although holdings exist for Africa, Asia, Latin America. Coverage is incomplete, and the dates of holdings vary; ask for material in scope.