WNA - South Asian Newspapers

South Asian Newspapers is the third collection module of the World Newspaper Archive, created in partnership with Readex, a division of NewsBank. Currently available to CRL members, the collection provides more than 400,000 fully searchable pages of newspapers published in South Asia between 1864 and 1922.

Titles were recommended by WNA Charter Participants, faculty members, and subject experts from the South Asia Materials Project (SAMP). The final material was selected for its breadth of coverage, diversity of viewpoints, and historical significance.

South Asian Newspapers features titles published in India, Pakistan, and Sri Lanka. Languages include English, Bengali, Gujarati, and others. Titles include such key publications as: Amrita Bazar Patrika (Calcutta), Bankura Darpana (Bankura, India), Madras Mail (Madras), Tribune (Lahore, Pakistan) and the Ceylon Observer (Sri Lanka). A complete list of titles is available on Readex's site. 

The titles are cross-searchable with other modules of the World Newspaper Archive, as well as with other Readex products such as America’s Historical Newspapers.


South Asian Newspapers is currently accessible to Charter Participants and subscribing members. To access the collection, please visit your library’s homepage for Readex products and click on World Newspaper Archive, or visit the page directly.
CRL member access
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CRL and its partners are committed to providing sustainable access to a rich and diverse set of international scholarly resources. CRL will continue to maintain the microfilm copies of all WNA papers as well, and makes them available to its community as a regular benefit of CRL membership.


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