Other Assessment Tools

Data Asset Framework - The Data Asset Framework focuses on uncovering researchers data needs and concerns. It was created in the UK for its Higher Education Institutions to help them assess their data holdings and ensure appropriate data management practices are in place. It is currently hosted by the Data Curation Centre (DCC)

Data Seal of Approval(DSA) - The Data Seal of Approval is intended to certify Data Archives who house research data within scientific and scholarly research domains. Archives must meet sixteen guidelines to be certified. The certification is granted by an Approval Board. The board includes members who are employed in a variety of international data archives. The archive, once certified, will be permitted to display the DSA logo on its homepage, and in other locations relevant to its communication.

Digital Asset Assessment Tool (DAAT) Project - The Digital Asset Assessment Tool (DAAT) Project was lead by the University of London Computer Center. The project included an assessment of file format testing tools.

DIN 31644 - DIN 31644 is a German standard that provides a set of criteria for the setup and management of all institutions aiming to preserve information in digital form. It does not focus solely on Libraries, museums and other memory institutions.

DRAMBORA risk assessment - The Digital Repository Audit Method Based on Risk Assessment(DRAMBORA) is a toolkit for use by repository administrators to assess the risks to their digital archiving systems. Drambora is included in the Shaman Assessment Framework listed below.

Long-Term Digital Preservation Assessment (LTDPA) Tool - LTDPA is a tool developed by IBM in Haifa, Isreal to automatically assess the maturity level of Long-Term Digital Preservation archives. The tool is based on TRAC criteria.

Planning Tool for Trusted Electronic Repositories (PLATTER) - developed a tool, called the Repository Planning Checklist and Guidance in 2006 that is useful for digital repository planning.

SHAMAN Assessment Framework - The EU-funded Sustaining Heritage Access through Multivalent Archiving (SHAMAN) project developing an integrated preservation framework using grid-technologies for distributed networks of digital preservation systems. These will be used to manage the storage, access, presentation, and manipulation of digital objects over time. You will find their reports here.

Trustworthy Information Systems Handbook - This handbook, developed in 2002, provides a set of criteria to establish the trustworthiness of government information systems.