Collections Working Group

The Collections Working Group is responsible for all aspects of the TRAIL project related to the identification, selection, and acquisition of report series for scanning and placement in the print archive.

Current members of the Collections Working Group:

George Porter, Coordinator 2015-2017
California Institute of Technology
Email: george <at>

Mel DeSart
University of Washington

Suzanne Ebanues
U.S. Government Publishing Office

Mary A. Gilbertson
University of Arkansas

James Jacobs
Stanford University

Patricia Kirkwood
University of Arkansas

Naomi Lederer
Colorado State University

Lorna Newman
University of Cincinnati

Maliaca Oxnam
University of Arizona

Zack Painter
University of Massachusetts, Dartmouth

Suzanne Reinman
Oklahoma State University

Mary Schlembach
University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

David Schmitt
University of California, San Diego

Roberta Sittel
University of North Texas

Marilyn Von Seggern
Washington State University

Sinai Wood
Baylor University

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