Limited Services to CRL Nonmembers

Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery for Nonmember Institutions

The Center for Research Library lends to other libraries, not individuals. Requests must come from the nonmember library’s Interlibrary Loan Department. By processing the interlibrary loan request, the borrowing library agrees to assist CRL in securing the return of overdue materials. The borrowing library also agrees to be responsible for the fines and processing fees associated with returns of materials damaged by the patron, and replacing lost items.

Hard Copy and Microform Loans

CRL will lend a maximum of four volumes, twelve microfilm reels or twenty-four fiches of one title per request. Subject to condition and availability elsewhere, fragile or high value items may be delivered digitally rather than in hard copy.

Document Delivery

CRL will copy or scan up to 50 pages. Documents are routinely delivered digitally using Infotrieve’s Ariel. CRL can also deliver documents via fax or photocopy. You or your interlibrary loan office can initiate this request.

Processing Time

Turnaround time averages one business day for all routine requests.

Shipping Materials for Loan

CRL usually ships via United Parcel Service (UPS) 2-Day Delivery to requesters in the United States and Canada. Routine shipping costs to the borrower (such as UPS or U.S. Postal Service) are included in the transaction fee. In cases where the shipping cost is not routine, the borrowing library will be informed of the necessary additional charges. Any additional charges must be prepaid.

The borrower must pay for return shipping costs. CRL requires that borrowed material be returned by UPS to enable tracking and that the material be insured for the amount specified on the ILL form.

For materials lost or damaged during the loan transaction, the Center follows the principles outlined in Section 4.9 of the Interlibrary Loan Code for the United States.

Loan Period

The nonmember loan period is four weeks. However, all material is subject to recall after two weeks of use when requested by another member institution or project participant. The borrower is obligated to return material immediately upon recall.

Fragile or High Value Materials

CRL uses digitization to enhance the longevity of original materials. Materials in fragile condition or of high value are the highest prioirity for digitizing. Most material digitized for preservation purposes can be processed and shipped within 48 hours of the request.

Using Materials at CRL

Students, faculty, and other researchers may use materials in the CRL Reading Room. Arrangements must be made with the Access Services Department at least three business days in advance of the patron’s visit to ensure that needed materials and space are available.

Cost and Payment Methods

All transactions must be prepaid. Payment may be made by check, money order, VISA, MasterCard, or IFM, or by establishing a deposit account ($500 minimum) with the Center for Research Libraries.

To make a request by mail:

Center for Research Libraries, 6050 South Kenwood Avenue, Chicago, IL 60637-2804

To make a request via OCLC’s (IFM):

Enter a valid IFM code in the MAXCOST field of the ILL request form. Make sure the value of MAXCOST is greater than or equal to the cost of the loan.

Institutions in the United States and Canada

  • Photocopy request is $175 per request
  • Each loan request is $175

Institutions Outside of the United States and Canada

  • Photocopy request is $175 per request
  • Loans are available to institutions outside of the U.S. and Canada only if they are CRL members

Replacement and Processing Fees for Lost or Damaged Items

  • If an item is lost, or so damaged that the item needs to be replaced, the borrowing library will be billed for the cost of replacement plus a processing charge of $50. If the item is out of print and no copy is available for replacement a minimum charge of $500 will be billed.
  • Materials that circulate in containers must be returned with the containers. A fine of $20 will be charged if the container needs to be replaced.
  • A borrowing library may also be fined a minimum of $20 if materials are returned slightly damaged or in a state that requires staff time in order to restore them to their original condition.