TRAIL Widget

The TRAIL widget is a search box that can be added to your LibGuides or webpages allowing users to search the TRAIL archive easily. It brings the search interface to your users!

Librarians using Springshare’s LibGuides software are familiar with the availability of many search widgets and the customization features available.  Here’s a video/no audio clip that demonstrates how to add the widget to a LibGuide box.

Example of the TRAIL Widget used in a Technical Report LibGuide at the University of Washington (scroll to bottom of the linked page)

Link directly to the box from within any other LibGuide page OR from an external website: (small version of widget) (larger version of the widget)

- OR –

Use one of the following API calls to display this box within a web-script, iframe, or frame: (small version of widget) (larger version of the widget)

If you need technical assistance regarding this widget, contact Norma Dowell at

Example of the TRAIL Widget:

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TRAIL Search Interface

The TRAIL Search Interface is the free search engine for finding TRAIL digitized content:  Please feel free to add this link to any guides, webpages, or instructional material where it would be useful.

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TRAIL Collection Processing Database

The Processing Database ( is a freely searchable and available tool used by TRAIL members and others to find the details regarding collections or series that have been received, inventoried, etc., at the University of Arizona, TRAIL’s central processing site. This database also provides the names of institutions that have contributed technical reports for digitization.

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