Tools and Resources for Licensing

CRL helps libraries make informed investments in commercially available databases by providing a variety of tools, webinars, and forums, including:


An interactive space for sharing information and independent perspectives on e-resources of interest to CRL libraries, and for tracking the status of e-resources available through CRL for member licensing. Includes CRL reviews, provider profiles, member comments, and information on current offers.


The Liblicense project, offering an active discussion forum and other resources on licensing of databases and e-resources for scholars. A model license, extensively updated in consultation with numerous stakeholders, was posted on the Liblicense site in November 2014.

Global Resources Forum

Programming for CRL libraries includes webcasts, teleconferences, and face-to-face forums to share critical information for collection-related decision making.

The Charleston Advisor

As a benefit of CRL membership, staff at CRL libraries have no-cost access to the online review The Charleston Advisor  (TCA). Together, CRL andTCA are working to provide trustworthy, actionable information on electronic scholarly resources and services.