Technical Specifications

In in-house production, CRL scans for access purposes from the best available originals or facsimiles. In some cases, the quality of the source may result in a scan of lower-than-optimal quality. However, original content will be legible. Some files are page images only, but an OCR search engine is applied to produce searchable text when the quality of the scan, format of the document, and language of the text is suitable.

  • Master scans: TIFFs are retained for archival use.
  • Image capture: Minimal imaging specifications are 300 to 400 dpi, mostly bitonal with some grayscale as needed for legibility.
  • OCR: Uncorrected OCR (optical character recognition) is applied to provide full searchable text whenever the format and quality of the original source will support it.
  • Access files: Scanned documents are accessible as PDF files, combining page images with searchable text.