Global Resources Agriculture Partnership–Project Ceres

In 2012, CRL formed a partnership with the United States Agriculture Information Network (USAIN) and the Agriculture Network Information Center (AgNIC) to support the ongoing preservation and digitization of collections in the field of agriculture  Project Ceres has two primary goals: 

  1. Sustain consensus-based, cooperative archiving of primary serial collections in the field of agriculture, defined broadly;
  2. Expand electronic access to digital and print resources from all world regions to support agricultural research.


Initially, Project Ceres will focus primarily on digitization and archiving of three types of materials:

  • The Core Historical Literature of Agriculture:  The extensive body of serials and government publications on agriculture, rural life and home economics published between 1820 and 1975 that have been digitized and/or microfilmed under the USAIN program. 
  • Other agricultural and related trade and industrial journals published in the U.S. and Canada
  • Serial publications published by the U.S. agricultural extension services and experimental stations.

Eventually the program will expand to support preservation of, and electronic access to, a broader array of international agricultural resources. 

Planning and governance

A USAIN steering committee guides and sets priorities for Project Ceres.  The committee establishes priorities and requirements for enhanced and expanded archiving and digitization of legacy agricultural collections.  The committee considers how the conditions and terms of service of existing collections and archives might be improved, and how the holdings and/or number of those archives might be significantly expanded.