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Status Codes -- 

  • R = being Reviewed, no decision made by Collections
  • Y = Yes, will be collected and digitized
  • H = On Hold, not currently slated for digitization, but possible
  • L = Low Priority, possible, but not actively being sought
  • N = No longer being considered for digitization in this project 
  • S = all items have been Sent to and received by the Central Processing Unit at the University of Arizona
  • C = Completely digitized and most pieces available
 SuDoc Agency
Title (short title)
Status Date Reviewed 
not applicableDefense Metals Information CenterReportYes, Low2009
not applicableDefense Metals Information CenterMemorandumYes, Low2009
not applicableDefense Metals Information CenterT M L reportYes, Low2009
C 4.25/2: Coast and Geodetic Survey United States Earthquakes (1928–62) Sent 3/2010
C 4.25/2: Coast and Geodetic Survey United States Earthquakes (1963–68) Yes 2009
C 6.12Bureau of FisheriesInvestigational ReportYes2010
C 13Nat. Bureau StandardsScientific Papers of the Bureau of StandardsSent4/2011
C 13.3 Nat. Bureau Standards Bulletin of the Bureau of Standards Sent4/2011
C 13.4 Nat. Bureau Standards Circular of the National Bureau of Standards Yes 2009 
C 13.8 Nat. Bureau Standards Technologic Papers Yes 2009 
C 13.10 Nat. Bureau Standards Miscellaneous Publication Yes 2009 
C 13.10 Nat. Bureau Standards Special Publication Yes 2009 
C 13.11 Nat. Bureau Standards HandbookYes 2009 
C 13.16 Nat. Bureau Standards Letter Circulars Yes2009 
C 13.20 Nat. Bureau Standards Mathematic TablesYes 2009 
C 13.25: Nat. Bureau Standards Building and Housing Publications Yes 2009
C 13.27
Nat. Bureau Standards
Technical Information on Building Materials for .....Reviewed2011
C 13.29
Nat. Bureau Standards
Building Materials and Structures Reports
C 13.29/2 Nat. Bureau Standards Building Science SeriesComplete2009
C 13.29/2Nat. Bureau Standards NBS Building Science SeriesYes 2009
C 13.31Nat. Bureau Standards Basic Radio Propagation PredictionsYes 2009
C 13.32Nat. Bureau Standards Applied Mathematic SeriesSent 4/2011
C 13.38: Nat. Bureau Standards NSRDS-NBS Yes 2009
C 13.38Nat. Bureau Standards NBS Report Yes2009
C 13.40
Nat. Bureau Standards
Building Materials and Structures Reports
C 13.44
Nat. Bureau StandardsMonograph Series
C 13.46: Nat. Bureau Standards Technical Notes Yes 2009
C 13.58Nat. Bureau Standards NBS IRYes 2009
C 51.9/3: Dept of Commerce Bibliography of Technical Reports Yes 6/2010
C 55.417: National Earthquake Information Center United States Earthquakes (& later titles from NOAA) Hold 2009
ER 1.2
Energy Research and Development Admin Monographs OR General Publications (Selected pieces) Yes 7/2010
ER 1.11:CONF
Energy Research and Development Admin ConferencesYes 7/2010
FE 1.2Federal Energy Administration[misc publications]Yes, Low 2009
FE 1.18Federal Energy Administration  Yes, Low2009
FE 1.20Federal Energy AdministrationTechnical ReportsYes, Low 2009
FE 1.21 Federal Energy Administration Final enviornmental impact statements Yes, Low2009
FE 1.22 Federal Energy Administration Conservation papers Yes, Low 2009 
FE 1.25 Federal Energy Administration Contingency plans No 2009 
FE 1.70Federal Energy Administration  Hold2009
I 1.88 Office of Saline Waters Research and Development Progress Report Yes 2008 
I 28.3 US Bureau of MinesBulletin Yes 2006
I 28.6 US Bureau of Mines Miners' Circular Complete 1/2011 
I 28.7US Bureau of MinesTechnical Papers Yes 2007 
I 28.23 US Bureau of Mines Reports of Investigation Yes 2007 
I 28.26/6US Bureau of Mines Technical Progress Reports Complete1/2011 
I 28.27 US Bureau of Mines Information Circular Yes 2007 
I 28.38 US Bureau of Mines Economic Papers Yes 2007 
I 28.156/2US Bureau of MinesMineral Issues Complete 1/2011 
I 49.15/3U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceSpecial Scientific Report -- WildlifeSent4/2011
I 49.26U.S. Fish and Wildlife ServiceResearch Report Yes 9/2010 
I 49.68Bureau of Sport Fisheries and WildlifeTechnical PapersYes 9/2010 
I 73.10: National Biological Service Biological Services Report Yes4/2009 
Y 3 At 7:
Atomic Energy Commission
Various, please see the AEC Series page for information on series not listed below
Y 3 At 7:1
Atomic Energy Commission
Annual Report to Congress
Y 3.At 7:22/IDO Atomic Energy Commission Laboratory Idaho Operations Office Yes11/2010 
Y 3.At 7:22/LAAtomic Energy Commission LaboratoryLos Alamos Reviewed 11/2010 
Y 3.N 88: 27/
Conference Proceedings
Nuclear Regulatory Commission

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