TRAIL Steering Committee

Current members of the TRAIL Steering Committee:

Patricia Kirkwood, Chair 2015-2017
Engineering and Mathematics Librarian
University of Arkansas

George Porter, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect & Collections Working Group Coordinator 2015-2017
Engineering Librarian
California Institute of Technology

Alice Trussell, Secretary 2015-2017
Academic Services Librarian
Kansas State University

Tom Rohrig, Treasurer 2016-2018 & Metrics Working Group Coordinator 2016-2018
Government Information Librarian
Texas Tech University

Mel DeSart, Immediate Past Chair 2015-2017 & Membership Working Group Coordinator 2015-2017
Head, Engineering Library
University of Washington

Judy Alspach, ex officio member from Center for Research Libraries
Area Studies Program Manager
Center for Research Libraries

Dan Barkley, Appointed At-Large Member 2016-2018
University of Arizona

Maliaca Oxnam, Processing Working Group Coordinator 2016-2018
Associate Librarian, Scholarly Publishing & Data Management Team
University of Arizona

Kathy Parsons, Appointed At-Large Member 2016-2018
Space and Stacks Management Dept. Head
Iowa State University

Roberta Sittel, Appointed At-Large Member 2016-2018
Department Head, Government Information
University of North Texas

Sinai Wood, Communications Working Group Coordinator 2016-2018
Associate Professor & Government Documents Librarian
Baylor University