TRAIL Steering Committee

Current members of the TRAIL Steering Committee:

Patricia Kirkwood, Chair 2015-2017
Engineering and Mathematics Librarian
University of Arkansas

George Porter, Vice-Chair/Chair-Elect & Collections Working Group Coordinator 2015-2017
Engineering Librarian
California Institute of Technology

Alice Trussell, Secretary 2015-2017
Academic Services Librarian
Kansas State University

Tom Rohrig, Treasurer 2016-2018
Government Information Librarian
Texas Tech University

Mel DeSart, Immediate Past Chair 2015-2017 & Membership Working Group Coordinator 2015-2017
Head, Engineering Library
University of Washington

Judy Alspach
Area Studies Program Manager
Center for Research Libraries

Dan Barkley
University of Arizona

Daureen Nesdill
Data Curation Librarian
University of Utah

Maliaca Oxnam, Processing Working Group Coordinator 2016-2018
Associate Librarian, Scholarly Publishing & Data Management Team
University of Arizona

Kathy Parsons
Space and Stacks Management Dept. Head
Iowa State University

Roberta Sittel
Department Head, Government Information
University of North Texas

Sinai Wood, Communications Working Group Coordinator 2016-2018
Associate Professor & Government Documents Librarian
Baylor University