Committees, Task Forces and Advisors

CRL is governed by a Board of Directors drawn from the higher education, learned societies and research libraries communities. The Board, comprised of unpaid members who serve three-year terms, is entrusted with the decisions that ensure CRL’s long-term financial, operational, and organizational welfare. Standing committees conduct and review much of the research, development, and planning that informs the decision-making of the full Board.  Committee assignments draw upon the talents and expertise of individual Board members and other representatives of CRL libraries.  

Executive Committee

  • Scott L. Waugh, Chair
    University of California, Los Angeles

  • Janice Welburn, Vice-Chair
    Marquette University

  • Xuemao Wang, Treasurer
    University of Cincinnati

  • Thomas G. Burish, Secretary
    University of Notre Dame 

  • Bernard F. Reilly, ex officio
  • Center for Research Libraries

Budget & Finance Committee

  • Xuemao Wang, Chair
    University of Cincinnati Libraries
  • Barbara I. Dewey
    Pennsylvania State University 
  • Scott Clancy
    Northwestern University 
  • Richard Clement
    The University of New Mexico 
  • Rick Schwieterman
    OCLC Online Computer Library Center, Inc.

Collections and Services Policy Committee

  • Martha Hruska, chair
    University of California, San Diego
  • Carmelita Pickett
    University of Iowa
  • Greg Raschke
    North Carolina State University
  • Bradley L. Schaffner
    Carleton College
  • Bryan Skib
    University of Michigan
  • Karla Strieb
    Ohio State University
  • Caitlin Tillman
    University of Toronto
  • Bernard F. Reilly, ex officio
    Center for Research Libraries

CRL Advisor on Electronic Resources Strategy

  • Ann Shumelda Okerson
    New Haven CT

Membership Committee

  • Thomas G. Burish, Chair
    University of Cincinnati
  • Nancy Allen
    University of Denver
  • Olivia M. A. Madison
    Iowa State University
  • Louis Pitschmann
    University of Alabama
  • Sarah Pritchard
    Northwestern University
  • Carton Rogers
    University of Pennsylvania
  • Vicki Williamson
    University of Saskatchewan
  • John G. Zenelis
    George Mason University
  • Bernard F. Reilly, ex officio
    Center for Research Libraries

Nominating Committee

  • Scott Waugh, Chair
    University of California, Los Angeles
  • James Grossman
    American Historical Association 
  • Sarah Michalak
    University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 
  • Janice Welburn
    Marquette University
  • Leslie Weir
    University of Ottawa

Human Resources & Compensation Committee

  • Carolyn Henderson Allen, Chair
    University of Arkansas
  • Mary Case
    University of Illinois at Chicago 
  • Deborah Jakubs
    Duke University 
  • Sheila Johnson
    Oklahoma State University