Other Reports and White Papers

CRL works on reports and research papers that are relevant to digital preservation. Past work is listed as below:

  • Long-Lived Digital Collections- Funded by the National Science Foundation under its Strategic Technologies for Cyberinfrastructure Program, CRL initiated a two-year project to analyze established, "long-lived" collections of data and digital resources, and to create tools and metrics for developing and assessing new repositories. 
  • Political Communications Web Archive Project -The Political Communications Web Archive Project was an investigation and planning effort to develop effective methodologies for the systematic, sustainable preservation of Web-based political communications. 

  • Certification of Digital Archives Project - The project  funded by Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, built upon the work of the RLG-NARA Digital Repository Certification Task Force  to develop digital archives certification processes and metrics. By testing the RLG-NARA metrics through actual audits of three digital archives and one archiving system, project staff developed a detailed set of methodologies for auditing and certification, and identified the corresponding costs.