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Take advantage of CRL’s cooperative collection development programs

Significantly relieve local budget pressures by ensuring that colleagues are aware of the range of collection building services available through CRL.  The Demand Purchase Program for acquiring archives, newspapers, or foreign dissertations enables CRL libraries to respond quickly to faculty requests. In the Purchase Proposal and Shared Purchase Programs, members select by consensus expensive research resources to house at CRL and share cooperatively. Additionally, electronic resources licensing offers negotiated by CRL leverage collective purchasing power to expand local online access to primary source content. CRL’s eDesiderata platform supports awareness of items in the licensing pipeline

Increase exposure of CRL catalog records

Obtain CRL’s records at no cost, on a quarterly schedule. You can load all of the records, just the records for digitized material, or a subset such as records for newspapers. CRL records are also available in WorldCat and the major web scale discovery services.  To make CRL records available through a discovery service, libraries must subscribe to the CRL database. To enable a direct link from the web discovery systems, in order to view a CRL eresource or to request CRL physical items via a local ILL form, libraries must also adjust local configurations. For more information or a test file of CRL records please contact Amy Wood, Director of Technical Services. Ready information is available in the recording of a CRL webinar on discovery posted on YouTube. 

Register for CRL webinars and other events

CRL’s webinars are open to all CRL libraries, their staff, and faculty and researchers. They are usually held on Wednesdays at 2:00 p.m. (CT).  Webinars on CRL Collections and Services are held at least twice annually, and can be provided on request for special groups of staff. These provide an overview of collection strengths, access methods, and the full range of programs and services available from CRL. They are ideal opportunities for:

  • Familiarizing newly hired library staff and faculty, or new CRL institutional members, with the benefits of membership
  • Updating staff about new programs and activities

Through the Global Resources Forum programs, CRL also offers webcasts, teleconferences, annual Collections Forums, and other meetings on particular collections topics, in order to support informed local collection decisions for CRL libraries.

We use WebEx software for interactive presentations. See more information under Accessing CRL Webinars. After each webinar CRL posts the slide presentations with the original webinar description, and also generally posts recordings on our YouTube channel.

Find links to upcoming and past webinars on CRL’s Events page.

Promote awareness of CRL’s resources and services on-campus among faculty, students, and librarians

Point out highlights of CRL collection, post information on how to borrow, and reference CRL’s catalog prominently in your library web pages and other promotional information. CRL member libraries including Dartmouth College, the University of Arkansas, and Tulane University feature descriptions of CRL in key website pages. Many others cite CRL in targeted subject guides, bibliographic instruction materials, or library blogs. CRL offers marketing tools and consultations to tailor a message for your stakeholders.

Visit CRL

Library staff and others affiliated with CRL libraries are encouraged to visit the CRL facility when in the Chicago area. A guided tour can provide valuable insights on CRL collections and services. 

Please contact us at several days in advance to schedule a tour and for information on transportation options.