Suggested Readings

In preparing for the 2017 eDesiderata Forum, CRL recommends the following articles and reports that provide some insight into the current digital news landscape. 

On managing news assets by producers:

  • Center for Research Libraries, Preserving News in the Digital Environment (2011), CRL. 
    Study undertaken by the Center for Research Libraries to map the “lifecycle” of news content published in print and on the Web.
  • Jane Coulter and Evan Sandhaus How to Build a Times Machine (2016), The New York Times.
    A detailed account of the process The Times used in creating and expanding the TimesMachine and the interesting technical challenges of providing access to a digital NYT archive. 
  • Chuck Fishman. Past and Present: The Evolution of Media Company CMS Platforms, Acquia blog, October 15, 2015.
    The first in a series of blog posts from Acquia (web development company) offers an introduction to content management systems and their uses in the media sector. 
  • PBS. The PBS Core Data Model: an Overview.
    Information on PBS's new digital core data model for organizing, relating, and presenting local and national PBS digital content.

On scholarly uses of digital news:

On libraries and news preservation:

The Impact of CRL

Stories illustrating CRL’s impact on research, teaching, collection building and preservation.

CRL Resources Integral to Cornell’s Latin American Journals Project

Cornell University utilized CRL resources to support its Latin American Journals project, a digital portal to political, cultural and popular serials from the region. 

South Asia Specialist’s Research Enriched by CRL Collections

Wendy Singer, Kenyon College professor, explains how CRL collections supported her original research on South Asian women.