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CRL is an enterprise powered by the knowledge, expertise, ideas, and energy of individuals and groups in its community. Common Knowledge is a place where that collective intelligence is shared and those collective efforts are recognized and acknowledged.

Recent Blog Entries

Beyond PAPR II: Next Steps for CRL
29 Oct 2015

Recent analysis of North American print archiving and digitization efforts suggests that library investment to date is doing little to promote long-term collection stewardship. Data in the PAPR and ICON databases reveals some interesting -- and alarming -- trends. 

Appreciating Dan Hazen
11 Sep 2015

The research library world lost a great colleague and friend: Dan Hazen, Harvard University’s AUL for Collections.

Upping Our Game on Print Preservation: The PAPR II Summit
2 Jul 2015

A gathering of leaders of other U.S. and Canadian shared print efforts, convened by CRL, called for concerted North American effort on print archiving.   

CRL in a Nutshell 5: "Growing Digital"
17 Apr 2015

Adapting CRL's time-honored approach to cooperative collection development to the digital world.

CRL in a Nutshell 4: "The Primacy of Sources"
2 Apr 2015

The immense legacy of evidence built by CRL libraries.

CRL in a Nutshell 3: "Bricks and Mortar"
20 Mar 2015

What CRL member investment in "bricks and mortar" means, in concrete terms. 

CRL in a Nutshell 2: "The Deciders"
11 Mar 2015

Who decides what CRL does and how?

CRL in a Nutshell 1: The Power of Negative Thinking
2 Mar 2015

How CRL's unique mission works for the library community.

Welcome to "Common Knowledge"
9 Feb 2015

"Common Knowledge," and the CRL community, are about shared resources and collective action.    

CRL's Leviathan agenda for digital government information
24 Jul 2014

A realistic action agenda for U.S. and Canadian research libraries, informed by the Leviathan discussions, will form the basis for CRL planning and priorities in the years ahead.