Investing in the Persistence of News: an eDesiderata Forum

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Wednesday, October 04, 2017
12:00 noon-3:00 p.m. Central Time
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Following last year’s successful inaugural virtual event, the 2017 eDesiderata Forum will focus on access to and persistence of news in the commercial landscape. CRL and guest experts will highlight the challenges and explore opportunities for libraries in this arena.      

Session 1:  What’s happening in the digital news environment and marketplace? 

Changes in the way news content is produced, maintained, and distributed challenge the strategies libraries put in place during the last century for preserving news. Microform vendors are imposing harsh, new restrictions; “digital-first” publishing is rendering the paper record irrelevant; and national libraries struggle to implement effective mechanisms for electronic legal deposit. 

This session will explore:

  • The demise of the microform market
  • The expanding world of cloud-based news
  • Inside the online news machine: how the publisher repositories and content management systems work
  • The state of legal deposit efforts in the U.S. and Canada

Session 2:  Strategies and models for library investment in news access

Alternatives to print-based news collecting and preservation are now emerging.  New models include site licensing and community investment in digital access.  This session will examine the possibilities, pros and cons of these approaches, based on CRL’s experience. 

  • Site Licensing
  • Direct investment in digital access

CRL’s annual eDesiderata Forum is designed to bring expert knowledge and insight to bear on the challenges of providing access to major databases, datasets, and data services for scholarly research. The forums explore community interest in commercial and open access data sources, illuminate market practices and economics, and identify priorities for CRL and NERL licensing on behalf of member libraries.

CRL brokers the terms of purchase and licensing agreements for member libraries with publishers of hundreds of electronic databases, providing critical reviews of major databases in the eDesiderata platform.

Participation in the eDesiderata Forum is limited to librarians, staff, and faculty at CRL member institutions. To facilitate real-time participation and discussion by registrants, only limited recorded information will be accessible at a later time. Registrants may join the sessions at any time during the Forum.

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