Some Resources on Islam and Judaism Held by CRL

Arabic Manuscripts in the British LibraryIslamic Mysticism & Philosophy. Microfiche published by IDC Publishers
Because printing came late to the Middle East, relatively few of the key Arabic texts for Islamic Studies have ever been printed. Hence manuscript sources are particularly important in this field of study. This large British Library microfiche set reproduces works of Muslim philosophers in all fields of philosophical study, as well as various versions of key Greek texts and commentaries on same. Works address teachings on morality and conduct, both personal and public.

Islamic Studies and Journals from India and Pakistan

CRL has collected from various sources assorted recent English- and South Asian-language books and journals on the topic of Islamic practice and law and political Islam, many of which were produced in Pakistan and India. Some examples:

  • Al-Islam. Karachi: Published by the Holy Quran Society, May 1953 1958.
  • Muhammad Ayyub Khan. What is Islam? Lahore: al-Ikhwan Idara Tablighi-Islam, 1979.
  • Maryam Jameelah. Islam and Orientalism. Lahore, Pakistan: Mohammad Yusuf Khan & Sons, 1981.
  • Moin Shakir. Islam in Indian Politics. Delhi: Ajanta Publications, 1983.
  • Amalendu De. Islam in Modern India. Calcutta: Maya Prakashan, 1982.
  • Mustafa Sabai (Sibai). D+n-i Islm men sunnat o %adis k maqm tal+f, Mucmaf $asn+ al-Sab+ al-Shm+; tarjumah, A%mad $asan lonk+; na“ar-i s11n+ o tarm+n, tal+qt, Mu%ammad Idr+s M+ra#th+. Karachi: Shobah-yi ta#sn+f O tl+f, Madrasah-yi Arabiyyah Islmiyyah, 1976.
  • Pi. E. Rahmn. Kppittalisam, sMs#yalisam, Islm. Calicut (Kozhikode): Krala Islmik Akkdami, 1981.
  • Muh#ammad Sal+m. Islm k naz#ariyyah-yi tal+m Tanz#+m-i Asatizah-yi Pkistn; Lahore: milne k patah, al-Badr Pabl+keshanz, 1978?
    On the educational system of Islam.
  • Sayyid Muh#ammad Mat+n Hshm+. Islm hudud Pind##+ Bhat#t#iyn, Zila Gkjnvlagh: Shubah-yi Tas#ni+f o Tl+f, Anjuman-i Is#lhulmuslim+n; Lahore: sol ejant, Kutub Khnah Shn-i Islm, 1978. A treatise on Islamic criminal law.

The CRL Islam and the Middle East list includes a selection of dissertations and theses on this subject available through interlibrary loan. These materials cover a broad range of topics regarding Islamic society, history, and culture in the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Indonesia, and China. Subject matter includes Western perceptions of Islam, Arab-Israeli relations, economic development, public policy, literature, and Islamic law in these regions.

All were produced at either U.K. or European universities, many by scholars and students of public policy and economics from Arab countries. With few exceptions the dissertations were written between 1970 and 2001.

Topics in Jewish and Israel Studies: Doctoral Dissertations from Israeli Universities
One way in which CRL supports advanced research and teaching in the humanities, sciences, and social sciences is by acquiring special collections identified by librarians and scholars at member institutions through the annual Purchase Proposal Program. In 2006, University of Maryland librarians Yelena Luckert and Desider Vikor sought CRL's help in obtaining access to dissertations from Israel to support the interests of those in the university's Jewish Studies Program. In response CRL acquired through its Purchase Proposal Program, a collection of doctoral dissertations from a number of Israeli universities including Bar Ilan University, Hebrew University, Tel Aviv University and the University of Haifa. Additionally a standing order has been placed to continue to receive dissertations from an Israeli vendor. The acquired materials focus on Jewish literature and culture, Israeli history and politics, and other aspects of Israeli studies. Examples of the titles acquired are:

  • Animal Imagery in Wisdom Literature
  • Encounters between Jews and Arabs in Israel
  • Narrative Techniques in Mishnaic Stories
  • Psychological Deployment of Israeli Male Adolescents in Anticipation of Army Service
  • Social Structure of the Israelite Society during the 8th-7th Centuries BCE According to Archeological Evidence
  • Ways of Life, Division of Labour and Social Roles of Palestinian Refugee Families: the Case of Dheisheh Refugee Camp.

These works were acquired through CRL's acquisition programs.