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1956-2006: Fifty Years of the Foreign Newspaper Microfilm Project Fall 2006
2003 Annual Meeting of the CRL Council of Voting Members Summer 2003
2005 Acquisitions Summer 2005
2012 Global Dimensions Forum Discussion and Background Papers Winter 2014
2013 Award for Access Spring 2013
2013 Award for Research Spring 2013
2013 Award for Teaching Spring 2013
2014 Award for Access Spring 2014
2014 Award for Research Spring 2014
2014 Award for Teaching Spring 2014
2015 Award for Access Spring 2015
2015 Award for Research Spring 2015
2015 Award for Teaching Spring 2015
2016 Award for Access Spring 2016
2016 Award for Research Spring 2016
2016 Award for Teaching Spring 2016
2016 Honorable Mention Spring 2016
A Digital Southeast Asia Library Fall 2005
A Library Survey Tool for South Asia Fall 2007
A New Cooperative Agenda for News Preservation Summer 2013
A New Strategic Framework for North American Research Libraries Summer 2014
A Note on Human Rights Archives Winter 2006-07
A Report on the 2014 Global Resources Collections Forum Summer 2014
A Union Catalogue for South Asia Spring 2005
Access to Government Information Fall 2013
Activities of the German-North American Resources Partnership Spring 2008
Agricultural Census Resources at CRL Summer 2012
American Antiquarian Society Seeks Newspaper Deposits Winter 2002
American Periodicals from CRL: Titles in Agriculture Summer 2012
American Theological Library Association (ATLA) Collections on Microform Summer 2007
An Imperfect History: Capturing the Middle East Web Fall 2011
Archiving Digital News: Planning at the Library of Congress Fall 2009
Archiving the World's Newspapers Fall 2006
Assessing the Center’s Latin American Collection Winter 2004-05
Award for Access Spring 2011
Award for Access Spring 2012
Award for Access Spring 2010
Award for Research Spring 2011
Award for Research Spring 2012
Award for Research Spring 2010
Award for Teaching Spring 2011
Award for Teaching Spring 2012
Award for Teaching Spring 2010
Born Digital and Web-based News Summer 2013
Broadcast and Multimedia News Summer 2013
Broadcast News Transcripts in Academic News Databases Fall 2014
Building Blocks of a National Print Preservation Network Fall 2004
Capturing America’s Scientific History through Technical Report Literature Fall 2010
Cartographic Resources for the Study of Colonial South Asia at the Digital South Asia Library Fall 2007
Center for South Asia Libraries Spring 2005