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Title Date
Assessing News Databases Fall 2014
Leviathan: Libraries and Government Information in the Age of Big Data Summer 2014
2014 CRL Primary Source Awards Spring 2014
International Studies and Research Libraries, Part II Winter 2014
The Evolving Supply Chain for Government-Produced Information Fall 2013
Access to News in the Digital Era Summer 2013
2013 CRL Primary Source Awards Spring 2013
International Studies and Research Libraries Winter 2013
Civil Society: Legal and Governmental Resources Fall 2012
Resources in Agriculture Summer 2012
CRL Primary Source Awards Spring 2012
Human Rights Documentation Winter 2012
Middle Eastern and Islamic Resources Fall 2011
Newspaper Preservation Summer 2011
2011 Primary Source Awards Spring 2011
Global Water Winter 2010-11
Government Technical Reports Fall 2010
Resources on Africa Summer 2010
2010 Primary Source Awards Spring 2010
South and Southeast Asian Resources Winter 2009–10
Preserving Electronic News Fall 2009
Resources on Modern China Summer 2009
French Resources Spring 2009
News Preservation Winter 2008-09
The Manhattan Project Fall 2008
Dissertation Collection Summer 2008
German Resources Spring 2008
Human Rights Documentation Winter 2007-08
Colonial India Fall 2007
Religion in the Modern World Summer 2007
England in Africa Spring 2007
Eastern and Southeastern Europe Winter 2006-07
News Preservation Fall 2006
Women's Studies Summer 2006
Immigration Studies Spring 2006
Evaluating Digital Archives and Repositories Winter 2005-06
Southeast Asia Studies Fall 2005
CRL Collections and Access Summer 2005
South Asia Studies Spring 2005
Latin American Studies Winter 2004-05