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CAMP/Title VI African Archives Projects

  • Justice Indigène, 1838–1954: sous-série 6M.
  • Affaires politiques et administratives du Sénégal, Serie D.
  • Rescuing Liberian History: Preserving the Personal Papers of William V. S. Tubman, Liberia’s Longest Serving President

Cooperative African Newspapers Project

African Newspapers Union List (AFRINUL) is a centralized electronic database of holdings information for newspapers published in sub-Saharan Africa.

Imvaho Nshya

CAMP will microfilm issues of this Rwandan government newspaper from 2001-2013.  The issues were collected by the Library of Congress Field Office in Nairobi.

Liberian Newspapers

CAMP has filmed several Liberian newspapers from the collection at Michigan State University, including issues of The News and The Inquirer from 1997 through 2011, as well as The Analyst (1998–2011), Heritage (1997–2011), New Democrat (1998–2006), and Patriot (1992–2002). In a continuation of this project, CAMP will film additional holdings of some of the above, and also some new titles: Daily Observer (2005–2011), Informer (2004–2011), Inquirer ( 2005–11), National Chronicle (1997–2011), New Democrat (2007–2011), New Liberia (1999–2008).

Malian Newspapers

CAMP films Les Echos (May 26, 1989–) and Le Républicain (March 10, 1993–), two titles from Bamako, Mali.  The holdings are contributed by Northwestern University.

The Nation

CAMP will continue microfilming issues of this newspaper from Blantyre, Malawi.  The current project covers issues from 2011 and 2012.  CAMP has previously microfilmed issues of The Nation for 1993-2010.

Nigerian State Documents

This project will microfilm documents from various state governments in Nigeria.  The Plateau state is the first to have been completed.  The holdings are contributed from Boston University, the University of California at Berkeley, and Northwestern University.


CAMP is microfilming issues of Patriot and its successor title Impak.  This conservative weekly political Afrikaans title was published in Pretoria, South Africa.  Holdings are contributed primarily from Yale and Northwesetern.

Senegalese Newspapers

CAMP has recently preserved newspapers from Senegal collected by the Library of Congress Field Office in Nairobi.  The titles include Le Populaire and L’info 7 and the issues are from 1999-2007.

Somali Newspapers

The Library of Congress Field Office in Nairobi has collected issues of19 newspaper titles from Somalia that CAMP will microfilm.  The issues are from the years 1998-2012 and titles include Waayaha, Xamar, Wargeyska, Mogadishu Times, and Xiddigta Panorama.

Taifa Leo

CAMP has microfilmed issues of Taifa Leo for the years 2004-2010.  This title is the only Kiswahili daily paper published in Kenya.  The holdings are being contributed by Yale and Northwestern.

Times International

CAMP will microfilm Yale's copies of this Nigerian publication from 1979 - 1990.

Developing Proposals

National Commission for Democracy papers (Ghana)

Zulu Mission newspapers associated with the American Board Mission

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