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The Cooperative Africana Materials Project (CAMP), founded in 1963, is a joint effort by research libraries throughout the world and the Center for Research Libraries (CRL) to promote the preservation of publications and archives concerning the nearly fifty nations of Sub-Saharan Africa. CAMP also aims to make these materials in microform available to researchers.

Countries and Materials Covered by CAMP

CAMP acquires expensive microform sets and authorizes original filming of unique research materials in North America, Africa, and Europe. CAMP collects microform copies of such material as:

  • selected newspapers, including titles received on current subscriptions
  • journals
  • government publications
  • personal and corporate archives
  • personal papers of historians, journalists, anthropologists, geographers, and government leaders
  • writings in English, French, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and other European languages as well as works in Swahili, Xhosa, Zulu, and other African languages.

The microform collections of CAMP form a large pool of historical, political, linguistic, economic, and geographical data and primary source materials that are not available elsewhere. Member libraries can rely on these vast microform collections of newspapers and journals and avoid the high costs of acquiring, cataloging, and storing these materials locally.

Some CAMP microfilm is available for purchase. For more information, see Microform Sales.

For questions or information about CAMP, contact simon [at] crl [dot] edu (James Simon).

Meeting Minutes and other information related to the ongoing work of CAMP may be found in the CAMP Workspace

The CAMP Workspace is a wiki tool that members can access to review and edit or add content. It is open only to CAMP Members. simon [at] crl [dot] edu (Contact) the CRL representative for information on access to the Workspace.

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