Award Categories

The Primary Source Awards are presented annually in the categories of access, research, and teaching.

Primary Source Award in Access

Presented to library staff, faculty members, or administrators whose work promoting primary source materials demonstrably results in expanded appreciation and usage on campus, and ultimately has an impact on research. Sample project outcomes:

  • Simplified access through enhanced visibility on the library’s OPAC
  • Mediated lending techniques that facilitate user access
  • Development of new finding aids

Example: Preserving Khmer Rouge Archives

Primary Source Award in Research

Presented to recognize a faculty member, library staff, or graduate student whose use of primary source materials in their research or in collaboration with academic departments, educators, curators, bibliographers, authors, curriculum specialists, etc., has demonstrably resulted in the development of scholarly methods, research initiatives, and methodologies that:

  • Expand or simplify methods of discovery
  • Open new or expand existing avenues of scholarly research
  • Develop new knowledge

Example: The Modern Girl Around the World

Primary Source Award in Teaching

Presented to an educator, educational group, bibliographer, or curriculum specialist who develops innovative ways to use primary source materials in the classroom or in a student advisory role in:

  • Expanding classroom resources
  • Defining the scope of research projects
  • Promoting diverse viewpoints

Example: European Imperialism and Colonial Response