GNARP Steering Committee

The Steering Committee is empowered to conduct the business of GNARP in accordance with the recommendations of the membership; approve and enact project activities; discuss and recommend future policy or changes in policy to be adopted by the membership; make budgetary decisions for GNARP; approach funding agencies; conduct periodic membership drives; and maintain communication with scholarly and professional associations as well as with other, similar cooperative projects.

Current Members of the GNARP Steering Committee

Chair (2016–18): Brian Vetruba, Washington University

Vice-Chair (2016–18): Diana Brooking, University of Washington

Secretary (2015-16):  Lindsay Hansen, California State University, Northridge

Working Group Chairs
Collection Development Working Group: Heidi Madden, Duke University (2016–18)
Librarian Exchanges Working Group: James Niessen, Rutgers University  (2015–17)

Ex-Officio Steering Committee Members
David B. Morris, Library of Congress
Judy Alspach, Center for Research Libraries

Margo Bargheer, Head of Electronic Publishing, Universitätsverlag Göttingen (2010-2018)
Michael Printy, Yale University (2016-2018)

Minutes of the GNARP Steering Committee Meetings and other information related to the Steering Committee’s work can be found in the GNARP Steering Committee Workspace

SEEMP Preserves WWII Cossack Newspapers

The Slavic and East European Microform Project has microfilmed several newspapers published during World War II for Russian Cossack soldiers that fought on the side of Nazi Germany.