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    The references below feature the strengths of CRL's holdings. Links point to more detailed descriptions in our catalog, and where available point to digital version of the content or digitized finding aids for microfilm. Collecting in this area continues through the purchase programs.

    Central And South America

    Archivo General de Centro America, [1544-1821]
    Archivo General de Centro América (Guatemala)
    Ross Publishing

    "The Archivo General de Centroamérica (Central American Archives) 1544-1821, in Guatemala, is the most comprehensive collection found anywhere in the world of historical records spanning the period of Spanish rule in the Americas. The holdings of the Archivo include myriad types of documents covering a host of cultural, legislative, judicial, fiscal, economic, religious, military, agricultural and commercial matters pertaining to the Kingdom of Guatemala, an area which, from the time of the Conquest in 1544 through 1821, embraced modern-day Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua, Costa Rica and the Mexican State of Chiapas."-- Publisher's website

    CRL owns the complete set of microfilm, covering the following areas: 

    • Guatemala, Superior Gobierno (central government) [reels 1A-1537A]
    • Guatemala, economic [reels 1537A-1853A]
    • Guatemala, economic, judicial & military [reels 1C-150C]
    • Guatemala, Real Hacienda (treasury) [reels 1854A-2532A]
    • Yucatan [reels 1B-3B]
    • Chiapas [reels 3B-199B]
    • El Salvador [reels 200B-577B]
    • Honduras [reels 577B-878B]
    • Nicaragua [reels 878B-1173B, 1175B-1187B, 1189B-1212B]
    • Costa Rica [reels 1212B-1241B]
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    British parliamentary papers on Central and South America, 1800-1899
    Irish Microforms Ltd.
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    Government Publications - U.S.

    Confidential U.S. diplomatic post records : Central America. El Salvador, 1930-1945.
    United States. Dept. of State United States. Legation (El Salvador)
    University Publications of America

    GUIDE: Lester, Robert. Confidential U.S. diplomatic post records. Central America. El Salvador : guide. B-36621

    Catalog Record
    Confidential U.S. diplomatic post records : Central America. Nicaragua, 1930-1945.
    Kesaris, Paul United States. Legation (Nicaragua) United States. Embassy (Nicaragua)
    University Publications of America

    GUIDE: Lester, Robert. Confidential U.S. diplomatic post records. Central America. Nicaragua, 1930-1945 : guide. B-36622

    Catalog Record
    Despatches from United States consuls in Matamoros, 1826-1906.
    United States. Consulate. Matamoros.
    U.S. National Archives
    Catalog Record

    Great Britain. Parliamentary Papers

    Irish University Press area studies series, British parliamentary papers : Central and South America.
    Irish University Press

    GUIDE: Catalogue of British parliamentary papers in the Irish University Press 1000-volume series and area studies series, 1801-1900. Z2019.I73 This reprint set includes a selection of 19th century papers and reports dealing with Central and South America. Committee reports and Command papers are included as well as House of Lords committee reports that were communicated to the House of Commons.

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    Conquistadors : the struggle for colonial power in Latin America, 1492-1825
    British Library
    Primary Source Microfilm

    This collection features expedition records, original letters and maps of exploration and colonization, and "diaries of discoveries" from South America, from narratives of Columbus' first voyage (at Sloane Ms 1709) to the end of Colonial Spanish rule. The set covers European exploitation, evangelization, and botanical and geographical exploration in South America from Texas to Tierra del Fuego, and features maps, scrolls, descriptions of voyages by sea and river, terrain, flora and fauna, settlement posts, plantations and mines, missionary activities, and "diaries of discoveries."

    Territories represented include Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, Chile, Cuba, Ecuador, Florida, Guatemala, Guiana, Honduras, Mexico, Nicaragua, Panama, Paraguay, Patagonia, Peru, Puerto Rico, Texas, Uruguay, Venezuela and the West Indies.


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    Early printed books on religion from colonial Spanish America, 1543/44-c. 1800
    IDC (Brill)

    Collection of more than 400 printed works from colonial Spanish America, including catechisms, devotional works, hagiographies, religious biographies, orders, sermons, and more. The majority of works are from Mexico and Peru.

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    Medina's Biblioteca hispano-americana.
    Medina, Jos
    General Microfilm Company

    This set contains microfilm copies of titles in Medina's bibliography and represents a history of the Spanish-speaking peoples of the western hemisphere. The completed project will include over 8,000 titles. This is a continuing project.

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    Great Britain. PRO. F.O. 203, Embassy and consular archives, Mexico, correspondence, Series I, 1823-1913.
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

    Series I contains the archives of the consulate general at Mexico City. There is no correspondence for the years 1864 to 1885. The Center has vols. 146- 169.

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    Great Britain. PRO. F.O. 204, Embassy and consular archives, Mexico, correspondence, Series II, 1822-1949.
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

    Series II contains the archives of the commissioners, plenipotentiaries, charges d'affaires who negotiated the establishment of commercial and diplomatic relations with Mexico. Relations were suspended from 1867 until May 1883 when a special mission was appointed to negotiate the resumption of relations. It also contains the archives of consular authorities at Tampico and Veracruz for 1868 to 1882. The Center has vols. 1-225, 419, 421, 431, 434, and 557

    Catalog Record · Guide
    Great Britain. PRO. F.O. 206, Embassy and consular archives, Mexico, Registers of Correspondence, 1823-1933.
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

    This consists of précis of correspondence and registers of the consular authorities at Mexico City for the years 1823 to 1866 and at Tampico for the years 1827 to 1861. It also includes registers of the legation and special commissions for the years 1825 to 1933. The Center has vols. 10 and 12.

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    Great Britain. PRO. F.O. 207, Embassy and consular archives, Mexico, Miscellanea, 1816-1927.
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

    This consists of accounts, case papers, certificates of nationality, licenses for arms and passports, shipping and trade returns, commercial reports, etc. The Center has vols. 1-57.

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    Great Britain. PRO. F.O. 50, General correspondence before 1906, Mexico 1822-1905.
    Great Britain. Foreign Office
    Public Record Office

    This consists of the original dispatches and reports from British diplomatic and consular representatives abroad, of correspondence with foreign missions in England, of miscellaneous correspondence with individuals, and the drafts or copies of letters sent from the Office. The Center has volumes 78-142, 218-303, 314, 326, 355, 377, 382, 390, 399, 410, 416-417, 422, 442, 448-451, 454, 459, 461, 473, 476, 481, 495-501, 507, 512, 520-523, 530-531, 540, 546, and 548.

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    Latin American and Caribbean official statistical serials on microfiche.

    The serials are general statistical compendia issued by the governments of 37 countries, territories, and departments in Latin American and the Caribbean. The fiche includes these serials from 1821 to about 1973. CRL holds the complete first segment, and also has hardcopy holdings of some of the titles in its foreign documents collections.

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